Inflatable Lounger by OutSmart

We’ve created this Lounger for the adventurer in you, so you can take it on your mountain hikes, for the camper in you so you can enjoy your holidays in the outdoor, but also for the reader in you so you can enjoy your favorite book in the comfort of your own home or backyard.

We have chosen high quality materials that are resistant enough for tough surfaces, waterproof for easy cleaning and floating so you can enjoy the air sofa bed in pools, sea, rivers or lakes

You should choose the OutSmart Inflatable Lounger because:

  • It is made of very Resistant Materials – 210T Ripstop 100% Polyester fabric;
  • It has an Ergonomic profile – generated by the innovative design that comfortably supports the body shape;
  • It is Multi-Purpose – can be used in various settings: in the backyard, by the sea, on the mountain or in front of the TV;
  • It is Waterproof and Floating – try it in the pool to make things or tanning more fun
  • It is very Spacious when inflated but Compact when deflated.

Inflatable Lounger by OutSmart


The inflatable lounger is made of 210T Ripstop 100% Polyester material take makes it soft to the touch but highly resistant even on tough surfaces such as rocky lands. Therefore, go ahead and use it on the mountain hike for a comfortable break.


With a pillow-shaped head rest and an ergonomic design, be sure your body will rest comfortably while you enjoy yourself with friends. You can even offer a seat next to you on the air bed as it is spacious enough and holds up to 440 Ibs.


Ask a friend to join you on our spacious 75 x 27.5 in inflatable lounger. Still, despite its generous dimensions when inflated, for easy travel and carrying around, the hangout sofa can be compressed in a carry bag as small as 15 x 7 x 4.7 in.


The inflation system will get you up and running … literally 😊! No pump is required; it is just you and your skills. While it can prove to be a bit tricky at the beginning, once you get a handle of it, you’ll master the art of the inflation like a pro! Read below the inflation instructions.

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